Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman - $2.39

A dark force is born from the uncommon imaginations of young Sean and Cole Golden, casting a cold shadow over Nod, the ever-changing land of dreams. When the malevolent entity abducts the Sandman, and then snatches its own creators from their cozy beds in an Iowa farmhouse, Jake (the boys’ cynical father) is forced to resurrect the imaginative child within in order to cross the adult-proof barrier that separates the real from the surreal. In Nod, a world literally made of our dreams, the younger Jake must rescue Sean, Cole, and the Sandman before the sleep-deprived citizens of the world burn everything to the ground.
Jake faces physical manifestations of all manner of dreams, including a treacherous money forest, Lost Lake (where mankind’s collected regrets churn beneath black waters), They and Them (monochromatic Siamese twins who are the architects of The Rules for accountants and elementary school teachers), The Tree of Hope, and Death himself—who turns out to be a pretty nice guy. But despite the wondrous locales and characters contained in the story, there is a current of authentic emotion tethering the whimsical fantasy elements to a credible reality like the string of a bright red balloon tied around a child's wrist.
SLEEPWALKER: THE LAST SANDMAN is a modern fantasy without wizards, faeries, dragons, or vampires. It is an exploration of the origin of dreams and the tale of a world-weary, brokenhearted father’s love for the sons he has neglected far too long. It is a fantastical journey through lost love and rediscovered hope that may lead to redemption—for one family, and the world entire.

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