Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Realm Shift Trilogy

The Realm Shift ~ $2.99
The strangest thing about Ethan's first encounter with a demon was not that he could see it, but that the demon could not see him....Hunted by these malevolent spirits and the Warlord allied to them, Ethan struggles to stay alive in the midst of a growing rebellion within his homeland. As war erupts, he must flee to the white walled city of Emmanuel in order to fulfill the long held prophecy of Shaddai's Deliverer or die in the attempt. At Every turn, enemies, both seen and unseen, conspire to kill Ethan before he realizes and unleashes the awesome power of the Realm Shift.

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The Order of Shaddai: The Realm Shift, Book Two ~ $2.99
The ORDER of SHADDAI (The Realm Shift Trilogy)The 2nd installment in The Realm Shift Trilogy, finds Ethan, Gideon and Captain Bonifast journeying toward the Temple training grounds of The Order of Shaddai deep within the Thornhill Mountains. Mordred pillages villages and towns that had helped in the failed invasion by King Stephen of Wayland while the demon mastermind, Jericho, baits his own trap for the Deliverer of prophecy.

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The Sword of Gideon (The Realm Shift Trilogy)The Sword of Gideon: The Realm Shift, Book Three ~ $2.99
The 3rd and final book in The Realm Shift Trilogy. Gideon has agreed to hunt down and kill Ethan in order to save the life of his child. Meanwhile the Order of Shaddai faces a threat unlike any it has ever known and Wayland's King Stephen, defeated already at Emmanuel City, must hold fast against Mordred's army of giants coming to invade Wayland. The prophecy of Shaddai waits to be fulfilled, but will Ethan be successful? Is he even the one to fulfill it?

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