Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holiday Short Story Collection by Thoughts from the Pond - $2.99

The Holiday Short Story Collection book makes a great gift for any age. This collection is a set of nine original heart-warming short stories including four award winners by RL Williams. The holiday themes capture the true spirit of the holiday season through nine different slices of life. Experience the spirit of the holiday season reading this collection alone or with family and friends.

Stories include Snowflake, Angel Rescue, Magic Balloons, Lori’s Silent Night, Christmas Carousel, The Christmas Duck, War Takes a Holiday, That Christmas Spirit, and The Snowman Contest. Also included in this edition is a special free bonus children’s story titled The Quackers Family which is great to share with children year round.
This collection makes a great gift that is truly unique. The author has dedicated this book to all lost and homeless animals, past and present.


  1. I think what would be most helpful for me here is to put in an age or grade. There's a huge difference between what a 2nd grader can read and what a 6th or 10th grader can read... or maybe even elementary/middle/high school tags?

  2. Hi Cindy~

    Thanks for the feedback. I did look into posting different age ranges, however I decided to focus on a general Yound Adult blog, organized by genre. You can click on the links to read more about the book and decide if you are interested in it. Happy Reading!



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