Monday, September 20, 2010

Emery - $2.99

Sixteen year old Abigail Tabitha Avery feels her life has taken a turn for the worse. Her father has just died and her mother has moved the family from sunny Florida to cold and snowy Montana. Tabitha, as she chooses to be called, is miserable, until she meets the student body president of her high school. He is as charming as he is handsome, but on the first day of school, he makes her miserable. However, she finds he has a unique power over her subconscious and she begins to rely on him more than she should. When he nearly kills her, she discovers his secret. He is a vampire. She realizes that his lust for her may be more than even he can resist. She doesn't want to become like him, but how can she refuse, when she learns that the very town she has moved to is a haven for his kind?

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